Solidarity with the comrades of SGDF

On 20. July 2015 exploded a bomb on the terrain of Amra Youth-Center in Suruç in the middle of a group of more then hundred of young persons and killed 33 of them.

This assassination was a targeted attack of the Islamic State (IS) against the Federation of socialist youth-associations (SGDF). Around 300 member of this left-wing youth-organization had traveled from all over Turkey with the aim to spend their summer holiday in the disputed and by war nearly destroyed city Kobané, to help in the reconstruction and in bringing relief to the city.

The assassination, done by a IS-suicide-bomber, was used by the Turkish regime to conduct extensive police raids and to detain more than thousand political opponents in Turkey. Likewise they served as a handle for bombings by the Turkish army, which in first line where directed against the positions of the Kurdish Worker Party (PKK) and caused as a result the end of the begun peace process.

Since that assassination the political climate in Turkey has furthermore increasingly sharpened. The additional assassination by IS against a peace manifestation in Ankara, the encirclement of several Kurdish cities with a lot of death persons is determining the situation in Turkey, which is escalating more and more with the renewed absolute majority of the AKP in the Turkish parliament.

We don‘t want to leave the victims of the assassination in Suruç alone and call for active solidarity with the injured and the surviving dependants and bereaved of the killed comrades. Besides our intention is to prevent that the terror of the IS and the AKP-regime stops solidarity projects of the left movement in Turkey with the people in Kobané.

Needed is money for the tombs of the killed activists. In many cases the bereaved, the surviving dependants as well as the seriously injured need fairly long-term counseling. Also the the provision of medical care, medicine, health aid like wheel-chairs can not be summoned up by the concerned families and by the SGDF on their own.

For this reason we call for a fund-raising campaign. Every contribution is a sign of international solidarity and helps concretely to enable this necessary supply and care.

Bank account details: Verein für internationale Freundschaft und Solidarität e.V. / IBAN: DE30 1001 0010 0656 3151 07 / BIC: PBNKDEFF

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